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"There is something undeniable about Marianna Zappi and it is her powerhouse voice.

And it’s worth listening to. Her voice is so powerful that it seems almost to exist outside her body, an entity in and of itself, as if the breath she draws before her first note is a blissful union that marries the two. When Marianna sings, everything else in the world seems to make a bit more sense".

Marianna started singing at a very young age in her country, Italy, where she studied in one of the best and most recognised vocal coaching schools in the country followed in her learning, by vocal coach and music teacher Lorena Scaccia.


Her voice is warm, deep and agile to reach some great heights, not only with her range, but also with her spirit.

Her music fresh and authentic like a cold winter morning breeze walking through the streets of Bedford–Stuyvesant, but the heart-full sounds of deep down Mississippi.

As a singer, she took part in some of the most prestigious shows and music contests and tv programs as a young talent and had the pleasure to work with some of greatest names in the history of Italian music such as Nora Orlandi (composer of the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack) opening for Giorgia and many others.


She was called to be a part of the Jubilee in 2000 in Rome and had the opportunity to perform for John Paul II in front of a crowd of 2million people. Experience that she would repeat in 2007 for the European youth day, singing for 700.000 and Pope Benedict XVI. She then spent 3 and half years on a tour with an American Gospel choir that took her around the world and Europe, before moving permanently to London where she further her music career working with the likes of Dick Hallighan (Blood, Sweat & Tears), writing with songwriter Mike Japp ( the Kiss), and also collaborated on several project with Sound engineer Rory Madden, "We Will Rock You" Executive Producer Phil McIntyre, Cj Ranger.


Following the release of her first ep - The Time Is Now - Marianna won several awards (Best Acoustic Act – Best Female Solo artist Unsigned Hype act 2013- 2014 )and was nominated for Mtv Brand New Artist 2014 , and "Hard rock rising – the global battle of the band".

She has taken part in the Jazz Cafe Competition "Who's Got the hits" and she won the 1st Edition" and this led to her taking part in the Xfactor Uk – 2016. 

Marianna is also a prolific songwriter and has collaborated through the years with many international artists in this capacity. She is a vocal coach and a music leader delivering trainings and facilitating artist development programs such the the YouPress collective which she has been the Project manager of for the past 3 years.


Marianna gained the attention of BBC radio introducing with many of her projects including a collaboration EP with Duane Flames: M&D the drug. Following the release of the 2nd Ep – Untameable - Marianna has been travelling with her band across Europe. Untameable has generated the interest of plenty radio stations globally, including BBC Radio London where Marianna was invited to an interview with Aurie Styla and had an opportunity to perform Untameable live.

She has been working on a new body of work that will be out sometimes this year.

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