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Marianna Zappi possesses an undeniable and captivating vocal prowess that transcends her physical presence. Her powerful voice seems to exist as a distinct entity, creating a harmonious union with each breath before delivering a note. When Marianna sings, the world momentarily aligns, and everything gains a newfound clarity.

Her musical journey began in Italy at a young age, where she immersed herself in vocal training at one of the country's premier coaching schools. Under the guidance of vocal coach and music teacher Lorena Scaccia, Marianna developed a warm, deep, and agile voice capable of reaching remarkable heights both in range and spirit.

Marianna's music carries the freshness of a cold winter morning breeze through Bedford–Stuyvesant streets, yet resonates with the soulful sounds reminiscent of deep Mississippi roots.

As a singer, Marianna participated in prestigious shows, music contests, and TV programs as a young talent. She had the honor of collaborating with luminaries in Italian music, including Nora Orlandi, the composer of the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack, and opened for Giorgia, among others.

Her remarkable experiences include performing at the Jubilee in 2000 and European Youth Day in 2007, singing for large audiences and popes. Marianna spent three and a half years touring with an American Gospel choir globally before establishing herself in London, collaborating with renowned figures in the music industry.

Following the release of her EP "The Time Is Now," Marianna garnered acclaim, winning awards and nominations, including MTV Brand New Artist 2014 and "Hard rock rising – the global battle of the band." She participated in the X Factor UK in 2016, showcasing her versatile talent.

Beyond her singing career, Marianna is a prolific songwriter and vocal coach. She has collaborated with international artists and led artist development programs, notably managing the YouPress collective for the past three years.

Marianna's work has caught the attention of BBC Radio Introducing, and her EP "Untameable" has received global recognition. The interest has extended to BBC Radio London, where she was interviewed by Aurie Styla and performed "Untameable" live.

Marianna Zappi's recent singles, "Hold On" and "One," have received widespread acclaim, signaling a new and promising phase in her career. Esteemed bloggers worldwide have praised these tracks, marking the beginning of a transformative era.

As Marianna introduces these compelling singles, she embarks on a musical journey that breaks free from conventional sound, establishing a distinctive sonic identity that hints at a noteworthy musical exploration. With two additional singles on the horizon and an eagerly anticipated new record in the composition stage, Marianna is set to present a fresh narrative through her signature profound lyricism.

Anticipation surrounding her upcoming releases suggests a musical landscape where each note serves as a brushstroke, intricately woven to craft a vivid tapestry of emotions. Marianna's penmanship, known for its poetic depth and introspective musings, promises to unfold a narrative that engages the listener, immersing them in a world where the potency of words becomes an immersive experience.

In this newfound chapter, Marianna Zappi takes on the role of a storyteller, articulating her experiences and emotions with melodic finesse that extends beyond conventional genres. Prepare for a musical journey that transcends the ordinary, as Marianna invites audiences to witness the evolution of her artistry—a journey guided by the expressive tapestry of her profound lyricism.

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