Marianna - The Songwriter

Aside from writing her own material, Marianna collaborates with different artists from all over the worlds as a topliner and a songwriter.

She recently collaborated with John Micheal Robinson, an American Born singer/songwriter on his first release, "Ignite" , that was released June 2016.

She also has co-written the title track of Albert Hera's first new album, entitled "Solos", also released June 2016. Albert Hera, an amazing jazzman specialized in solo and choral improvisation, could be described as a "Sound Teller": he has focused his artistic research on the study of traditional world music, with particular attention to vocal and choral practices. 

The Latest Collaborations are with Singer Spoken Word Artist Lyric L with a song called "Where is We", released on the 8th Jan 2018 on Tokyo Dawn Records, and a collaboration's album - Rhymes and Mantras - with London Hip Hop Artist - Raggo Zulu Rebel

Raggo Zulu Rebel - Rhymes & Mantras



Albert Hera - SOLOS

John Micheal Robison

Koral Dj  - Just Dance 

NO MORE feat Nadia Rae, Mikyla Cara & Rosay

LyricL - Unequivocal


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